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Posted on: March 21, 2009 7:59 pm

What the hell is a Hilltopper? Game Preview:

Gonzaga will battle Western Kentucky in a game to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. The mission is simple. Win, or go home. But completing this "simple" mission, is NOT going to be the easiest of all tasks that I have ever seen before me. So, here we go.

What is a Hilltopper?

Apparently the school [Western Kentucky] sits on the top of a hill. Got that? OK, well that was simple. But what the heck is their red blob of a monster (or mascot)????? I have never seen such a thing make absolute no sense to me before... but here we go. So apparently as I have flipped around the internet one common answer I found was a startling one that still made no sense to me at all. I found out that this was a blob of blood from the enemy's team. Not sure if this is entirely true or not bu that was the common answer. I tried, but in frustration of getting this answer and a few distinct others, I have that to report.

So we got thtat outta the way, here is the game preview (sorry for the shortness, but I gotta watch the game ya know) .....

Basically Courtney Lee is not on the floor for tonights game. Big Loss? Certainly. Absolutely Crucial? NO. One thing Gonzaga MUST do tonight is stop that pesky Orlando Mendez-Valdez. He can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court and if they don't stop them, they will lose. Not even going to be close. I think Gonzaga will try to slow the game down, and use the effective weapons that they can. Passing the ball to Stephen Gray, and leaving backdoor cuts to Matt Bouldin will be crucial. Leaving nobody open on WKU will also be crucial. Gonzaga needs to surround everyone with thier height, and lanky-ness  and knock down every ball they see. Creating turnovers by steals of Bouldin, and daye will also be key.

On WKU's side, I think if they speed up the pace of the game, and shoot transition threes (and make them), they have a really good shot to win, and no I am not kidding. This team already has a ton of experience and has a very good guard in Mendez-Valdez. This is going to be hard for me to watch at times, but I hope we pull it out.

My Prediction: Gonzaga 84 Western Kentucky 80.


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